Learn the principles and skills for healthy bariatric living from two of the greatest health coaches in the bariatric world.
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Sleek & Sassy Nutrition has been such a blessing in my Sleeved journey. Approximately 4 months ago I had Sleeve Surgery and was struggling with next steps. I happened to come across Christina Beckett through Social Media. She not only provides nutritional support, it provides resources, tools, and tutorials to address every step of the way to better health. The support, the ideas, the wisdom, the tools are by far the best that I have seen! I am now almost 4 months out and have had a steady weight loss each week. The content is priceless, yet so affordable.  

D.C. from California
Just finished a 30 minute class with Lindsay Hack. It was hard, but I did it! I really appreciate how she customized the exercises where I was struggling. I haven't done anything like this in 15 years. The modified exercises along with Lindsay's encouragement and smile made me keep working. I'll definitely be signing up for classes next time they are offered. I don't think I would be comfortable going to the gym, so starting at home was perfect and I had no excuses. This gave me the accountability I needed and Lindsay was wonderful!

N.T. from West Virginia